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Return Policy

Citrus Cables has been providing RF cables to customers since 2007.

We sell our products to Fortune 500 companies, businesses small and large, local, state and Federal government agencies, DITY homeowners, CB and ham enthusiasts and everyone in between. 

No order is to small or too large!  

We offer quantity discounts upon request and offer terms to government agencies, colleges and universities and qualified businesses.

We promise fast service, impeccable quality and superb customer service.

Our corporate address is:

Citrus Cables Inc
17033 SE Madison St
Portland OR 97233

Our cable are manufactured in the USA and shipped from the state of Florida.

Using our cable configurators is as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Choose the cable length

2) Choose connectors A and B (in most cases a picture of the pair will appear)

3)Change the quantity if needed, then click Buy it Now to check out or Add to Cart and keep shopping!

The -xx in the SKU (part number) will be replaced on your cable's label with the length. (e.g. NPTP400UF-25)











Return Policy